Patosite’s town started to be built around 1949 to shelter oil workers and engineers. The oil tanker known as “Patos-Marinza” is historically the most oil-rich area in Albania and today continues to produce the vast majority of crude oil in our country. But despite this, the number of employees in the oil industry from this area is many times lower today than it used to be.

For many years, the main source of economic activity has been the oil-exporting sector, but since the operation of the foreign oil market has started, the level of employees in this sector has changed, bringing a greater focus on the agriculture and agriculture sector. According to the data already, apart from the former Zharrës commune, other areas such as Patosi and Ruzhdia have as their main source the olive cultivation and trading of its by-products, which are favored by the hilly reliance of this area.

Further, it is the private service sector that provides income for the urban area and in recent years have started the activity in this local unit and also the businesses in Fonces. Because of the mountainous reliefs, there are remote areas in the municipality with the center of the municipality, their population has been significantly reduced due to relocation to the country’s urban centers or to neighboring countries. In recent years, the road infrastructure of the urban area and the surrounding villages has improved considerably, but there is certainly still a lot of work to be done to ensure the easiest transport of remote mountainous areas to the new town center.